A platform and market
FOR indian ARTISTs

A platform and market FOR indian ARTISTs

PrintOctopus is a thriving Marketplace for Indian Artists to showcase their work and sell it in an easy and transparent manner. Artists can upload their work at absolutely no cost and create merchandise that is plain awesome. Leave the boring details of printing, shipping and delivery to us, while you flex your artistic muscles and save the day!

and this is how printoctopus works

you create beautiful art and
upload it on PrintOctopus.com for free!

Sell Art
Once you are satisfied with your artistic deed, upload your artwork on your profile of absolutely no cost and select the products that you want to showcase it on.

you choose your profit margins

Sell Art
Choose your royalty for each of the selected products and you are done. yes! it's that easy and transparent!
  • we market and promote
    your art

    While you are busy promoting your work to your near and dear ones, we will help your work reach newer audiences.
  • customers buy your art.
    we handle the transactions.

    We will handle all the payments that come from selling your amazing artwork, your creative mind should not be bothered with things like cash receipts and loose change.
  • we co-ordinate the printing.

    We do all the tedious groundwork of procuring printing and producing products so that you get more time to create art (and go on Social Media!).
  • we arrange for delivery.

    We bear all the responsibility of shipping and delivering your products to customers, while you are responsible for taking good care of your heart, mind and hands.
  • we handle any issues or glitches for you.

    Our customers service team is enthusiastic, tech-savvy and can spend hours on the phone. Any sort of issues and glitches will handled with utmost care and compassion.

this is how our pricing works

Here at PrintOctopus, we ensure that there is complete transparency when it comes to our pricing, your profit margins and your payments at all times. Our pricing system is fairly simple and the artist have the freedom of choosing their own margins!

Pricing System
Account Details

100 transparency

Our user friendly Dashboard enables you to monitor your account at all times. It is super-duper easy to keep a tab on your Sales, Earnings, Account Balance and other Artwork related details.

User Art

your art will

always be yours

User Art

We here at Printoctopus are as protective about your original work as you are. Your work will always be yours. No matter what, you retain full ownership and control over it.

these are OUR products

Every awesome artwork deserves an equally awesome quality product. We set the perfect match, providing you with high quality products that can bear the stamp of your artwork.

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