Fair Play Policy

We at PrintOctopus constantly strive to promote raw and real talent hidden in the artists of the country and work towards acting as an interface to help them unleash their potential.
We help bridge the gap between the customers seeking top quality-everyday products and the artists creating their own brilliant artwork.


In the endeavour of building and promoting the world of Customisation in India, there are often many issues relating to copyright, plagiarism, patent rights, etc that creep in through the loopholes of this system, most of which is beyond any of our control.


A common practise that has been growing in the creative industry is the thievery of designs by one artist from the other and thereafter passing it on to the social networking sites and the customisation companies as “their original artwork.”
Such malpractices not only result in a breach of rights but also defy the very essence of creativity and original thinking.
We firmly believe that artists all around need to be given the opportunity for potential maximisation but many people misuse such opportunities and exploit the talent of other artists through plagiarism and foolery.
Such acts of selling works without permission of the original artist have been a constant threat to the creative community of India and hence, PrintOctopus firmly takes a stand against any such malpractice relating to thievery of designs and promises to safeguard the interest of any such claimant after appropriate investigations are done.


In the process of approving an artwork to be published on the website, the company conducts a series of rigorous mechanisms which includes checking any possible copyright infringement that might seep in. Despite us doing our best to protect the interests of all artists around the world, some minuscule issues end up passing through the funnel.


Hence, it is a part of our Fair Play Policy to encourage the visitors, customers and everyone alike to report any such matter, if found on the website and help create a level playing field for all.
We assure you that an appropriate action would be taken to protect the rights of privacy and help fight against the misuse of artwork, if any.


If you face any such problem or have any query, feel free to contact us 

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