Lesson 5 – Promoting your artwork


1. Be Your Own Brand Ambassador!

Who better to flaunt your awesome designs…than you?
Walk around wearing your own awesome merch and get your friends to buy their favourite designs from your collection. You know what to say every time that passerby looks at that T-shirt and goes, “WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?!”

2. Make Use of Social Media

You can create your very own Facebook page, and update it every time you upload new designs. Facebook page helps create a loyal fan base, who would want to be updated of your new projects. You can also create your very own Instagram to showcase your designs and products. Share links to your portfolio and designs from your profile and page, and even upload pictures of you wearing your designs. 

3. Share Your Discount Code

On PrintOctopus, you will get a unique discount code which helps them get 20% off on their order. It is usually emailed to all artists after their first artwork becomes live, and follows the pattern ‘username20’. Incase you aren’t aware of yours, you can always drop us a query and we’ll be happy to help you. You can share this discount code on your social media with your friends and family, so they can buy your awesome designs on a special discount.


4. Networking

Networking is a great idea for all artists. We personally believe that it will help you grow as a person as well as an artist. There’s no better
teacher than fellow artists with varying techniques, experiences and styles. Through the means of artist forums and groups, you can talk to other artists, learn from as well as teach other artists. This is of great use, as not only you get to connect with like-minded people, but also make professional contacts. To get started, you can join our artist community on Facebook here.

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