Lesson 2 – Understanding your Artist Account on PrintOctopus

This is continued from our previous post, which talks about how to make an account on PrintOctopus. If you haven’t read that yet, click here to read it!

In your artist account, you will see various tabs.



Here’s a quick guide on all of them :

  • Dashboard – The dashboard shows a quick overview of your sales, royalty, account balance and the number of artworks.
  • Portfolio – Here, you will have the option of editing your social media links and you will also be able to see all your existing
    live artworks.
  • Manage Portfolio – In this tab, you can delete artworks, change royalty as well as add new artworks.
  • Review – Review is divided into 3 sections – Under Review, Accepted and Rejected. Under Review shows designs that you have uploaded but are under review, Accepted shows designs that have been accepted and are live, and Rejected shows artworks that have not been accepted along with the relevant reason.
  • Sales History – Sales History shows all the sales that you have been, the status of that order and royalty earned. You can
    also request your payment from this tab.


Here are a few things you should keep in mind while uploading your designs on PrintOctopus


1. Resolution/Dimension and Orientation preferences

Some basic criteria required for every artwork to be accepted on PrintOctopus –

a. All files must be in .jpeg or .png format
b. All files should be in 300 dpi (Dots per inch)
Other than this, for your artwork to look the best, we have minimum resolution requirements for different products along with preferred orientation of the artwork. Please find them in the table below:



2. Banned Content

We understand that we cannot limit anyone’s mind and we don’t even want to, but to keep our portal free from explicit content, there is certain kind of content which is banned from PrintOctopus.com


Now that you have made your account on our website and you know the kind of content allowed,  it’s time to upload your first ever artwork.

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