19 Restaurants That Will Satisfy Your Pizza Cravings

Bored of ordering out your fix of pizza from the same place over and over again?

Don’t worry, we are here to save the day! 

If pizza makes your world go round (or rather a triangle) – then this is for you.

All of us here at PrintOctopus are hardcore foodies. Keeping in mind the intense discussions we have about food every day, you could say we are practically amateur food critics.



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So this is our especially curated list of the top 19 places we recommend for your pizza cravings, all across the country!

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1. Tossin’s

If you want authentic Italian food, this is a place you need to visit. Not only are their pizzas and pasta to die for, they also have a really good selection of shakes which taste incredible. It’s value for money and they also have the option to order half & half pizzas, which is great when you want more variety but don’t want to order two whole pizzas. 

Must Try : Peri Peri Veg/Chicken Pizza

Price : Cost for two – ₹900

Zomato Rating : 4.2/5

Where : Delhi/NCR – See all locations 


Source : zomato.com


2. InstaPizza

No one can fit 20 toppings on a 7-inch pizza better than Instapizza. Their crust is soft and cheesy, the toppings are always fresh and the pizzas are rich in flavour.

Unlimited toppings loaded with butter and cheese. ‘Nuff said.

Must try : Monster Deep Dish (Trust us.)

Price : Cost for two – ₹900

Zomato Rating : 3.9/5

Where : Delhi/NCR – See all locations


Source : zomato.com


3. Caffe Tonino

This place has managed to carve a niche for itself as the perfect pizza destination! With fresh ingredients, flawless baking, and generous toppings every pizza that comes out of their kitchen has to offer that perfect taste which owes every single penny you paid.

Must try : Speziata Con Pollo

Price : Cost for two – ₹1,400

Zomato Rating : 4/5

Where : Delhi/NCR – See all locations

source : caffetonino.com


4. Fat Lulu’s

Fat Lulu’s is famous for its great wood fired pizza place with creative pizza combinations and great desserts. Enter the place and you’ll be hit with a whiff of cheese, sauce, and warm dough. Not all their locations have a decent seating arrangement, so do check that before you go. If you are all about that pizza, though, don’t miss this place!

Must try : The Meat Packer

Price : Cost for two – ₹1,250

Zomato Rating : 4/5

Where : Delhi/NCR – See all locations


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5. The Playlist Pizzeria

The Playlist Pizzeria is a small vibrant place with a wall of  vinyl art and a semi-open kitchen. The best part here is that you can completely customise your pizzas, and their selection of desserts to finish off with is pretty great too. 

Here’s something super cool about this place : you can  download the restaurant’s app and use it as a virtual jukebox to select the music you’d like to listen to while you’re in the restaurant. How awesome is that?!

Must try : No Diggity Pizza

Price : Cost for two – ₹1200

Zomato Rating : 3.9/5 – Check it out on Zomato

Where : Shop 1, Gloria Apartments, St. Baptist Road, Near Mt. Mary Steps, Reclamation, Bandra West


Source : thedailypao.com


6. Gustoso

Old frames, a scooter, pizza peel hanging on walls and of course open kitchen- the ambiance and decor of this place is top notch. The service is quick and efficient. They pioneer in Italian and bring the authentic taste of Naples to your plate. The food is simple and delicious, and a must try!

Must try : Napoli Salami pizza

Price : Cost for two – ₹1,400

Zomato Rating : 3.9/5  

Where : Mumbai – See all locations


Source : zomato.com


7. Ray’s Cafe & Pizzeria

It’s a cozy little pizzeria. Everything here is made completely fresh, so you might need to wait a bit for your food, but we promise it’s gonna be worth the wait. Perfectly golden and cheesy, they are serving pizzas how they are supposed to be!

If you’re hitting the place on a weekend, don’t forget to book the table in advance.

Must try : Original Cheese Thin Crust Pizza

Price : Cost for two – ₹1,400

Zomato Rating : 4/5 – Check it out on Zomato

Where : 133, Gazebo House, Hill Road, Bandra West


Source : tripadvisor.com


8. Pizza Factory

Unfortunately for the hardcore non vegetarians out there, this is a purely vegetarian restaurant. The decor and ambience of the place is merely average. Nevertheless, the variety available is larger than the place itself and the garlic breadsticks (apart from the Pizza, of course) are to die for. It’s super pocket-friendly, making it perfect for anyone on a budget. 

Must try : Cheese Avalanche (if you really, REALLY love cheese)

Price : Cost for two – ₹700

Zomato Rating : 3.4/5 – Check it out on Zomato

Where : Ground Floor, Majethia Apartments, SV Road, Irla, Vile Parle West, Mumbai


9. Pizza By The Bay

Who wouldn’t want a view of the perfect view of the ocean while enjoying their yummy pizza? No better place to do just that than Pizza By The Bay. Being one of its kind, be prepared for a crazy rush though, but we promise you the food with the view will make it all worth it!

Must try : Quad Pizza

Price : Cost for two – ₹2,000

Zomato Rating : 4.1/5 – Check it out on Zomato

Where : 143, Soona Mahal, Marine Drive, Churchgate, Mumbai 


Source : pizzabythebay.in


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10. Joey’s Pizza

One first glance the place might seem small and crowded, and you might wonder what the hype is about. But this place is all about the Pizza, and that is the one thing that will not leave you disappointed here. Their menu is vast and right from authentic Italian to ones with an Indian Twist, they have it all. Budget friendly and delicious, this one is not to be missed!

Must try : Chicken Feast Pizza

Price : Cost for two – ₹800

Zomato Rating : 4.5/5

Where : Mumbai – See all locations 


Source : sahil611.wordpress.com


11. 1441 Pizzeria

A blissful Italian themed pizzeria serving luscious gourmet pizzas with more than fifty toppings! Adding the cherry on the top is their open kitchen,which not only allows you to witness your pizza happening in front of you but also allows you to choose from a never ending pizza toppings list! With quirky décor and friendly staff, this Italian joint is worth a visit, at least for Nutella Pizza which truly takes you to heaven!

Must try : Dessert Pizza

Price : Cost for two – ₹1,100

Zomato Rating : 4.4/5

Where :19/20, Samartha Vaibhav, Below Sykz Gym, Andheri Lokhandwala, Andheri West 


Source : everythingonaplate.com




12. Cafe Mezzuna

This pub-like Cafe serves the best thin crust pizzas in town. Not only do they have the food, they also have an awesome drinks selection! It is crawling with youngsters in the evening because of its upbeat ambiance. Awesome food, awesome music, awesome drinks – this place checks off everything on our list!

Must Try : Harissa drizzle Pizza

Price : Cost for two – ₹1200 (with alcohol)

Zomato Rating : 4.2/5

Where : Shop 401-402, 4th Floor, Forum Mall, 10/3, Elgin Road, Elgin, Kolkata


Source : kolkatafoodies.com


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13. The Factory Outlet 

What we love about this place is that they have a great variety for the all the vegetarians, something that has become increasingly rare. Don’t forget to accompany your scrumptious pizza with drinks here, they have the best there is- and extra points for the awesome service!

Must try : Pesto Mushroom Fungi

Price : Cost for two – ₹1200 (with alcohol)

Zomato Rating : 4.1/5

Where : 5th Floor, Westside Building, Block D, 22, Camac Street Area, Kolkata


Source : zomato.com



14. Little Italy

Another one for all the vegetarians! They have an amazing buffet spread, with live pizza and pasta counters.

Fresh food, top notch presentation, courteous staff, cozy atmosphere, what else does one want?

Must try : Pavarotti

Price : Cost for two – ₹1400

Zomato Rating : 4.2/5  – Check it out on Zomato

Where : 2017, Near Reebok Showroom, HAL 2nd Stage, 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore – See all locations


Source: littleitaly.in

15. Caffe Pascucci

They have lip-smacking wood fired Pizzas and amazing coffee, which makes it the perfect hangout place. It has both indoor and outdoor seating, and wait for it – Wi-Fi! Give it a try with your gang!

Must Try : Sun Dried Tomato Pesto Pizza

Price : Cost for two – ₹1250

Zomato Rating : 4.2/5

Where : 690/8, 14th Main, 15th Cross, 2nd Phase, JP Nagar, Bangalore


Source : zomato.com


16. Toit Brewpub

To quote Toit themselves, “This is a revolution, and we’ve got beer.”

Toit serves the best-brewed beer in Bangalore, and their drinks are as awesome as they get. The place is almost always packed, because who would pass on perfect drinks, perfect music, and perfect food?! It has a Wild Wild West charm to it, and roof seating as well if you want to escape the retro music for a quieter evening. If you are around, book your table and head to this place right now!

Must Try : Margherita Pizza

Price : Cost for two – ₹ 2,000 with alcohol

Zomato Rating : 4.5/5

Where : 298, Namma Metro Pillar 62, 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore


Source : zomato.com


17. Whooppeezz

The interiors are bright and vibrant and quite quirky! The taste is good and quality is good too – the pizza crust is really soft , fresh and tasty. If you have a fondness for Desi Pizzas, then this is a good place for you.  It’s even better for students, as they get extra discounts and benefits here.  Parking is an issue though, so we recommend either using public transport or parking your car a little away from the place.

Must Try : Farmaggio Pizza

Price : Cost for two – ₹ 500

Zomato Rating : 3.7/5 

Where : 113, Prestige Pinnacle, Near Forum Mall, Koramangala 7th Block, Bangalore


Source : dineout.co.in




18. Over The Moon

One of the pricier ones on the list, this place is primarily known for their amazing nightlife. They only allow 18+ and only opens at about 4pm, and is THE place for clubbing in Hyderabad. The place is usually packed so we highly recommend booking in advance, or going a bit earlier to secure your seats. 

Must Try : Smoke Chicken

Price : Cost for two – ₹ 2500 with alcohol

Zomato Rating : 4/5

Where : Hotel Daspalla, Rooftop, Road 37, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad


Source : zomato.com


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19. Pizza Den

This tiny little takeaway joint serves two of our favorite things in the world – ice cream and pizza! It’s one of the top rated places for Pizza in Hyderabad, and even though it serves only vegetarian options, many hardcore non-vegetarians swear by it too. It’s budget friendly, and if Desi pizzas are your thing, do give this place a try!

Must try : Veg Exotica

Price : Cost for two – ₹ 400

Zomato Rating : 4.3/5

Where : 7, Ground Floor, Paradise Complex, Beside Sunshine Hospital, Paradise Circle, Secunderabad, Hyderabad


Well all this talk about pizza has got us craving for one too, so we’re off.

Why are you still here? Tag your Pizza buddy and go grab your slice of happiness now!


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